PS3 Home – News From The Beta Tester

Have realistic one-on-one chats while in a crowded room!

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PS3 Home – News From The Beta Tester
SPOnG is very keen to experience PS3’s online world Home, currently being beta tested and readied for public launch later in 2007.

An insider in the private beta has spilled loads of details on the service this week, claiming that the Game Room is the "most popular room" in the lobby, featuring six pool tables, four bowling lanes and 10 arcade machines."

SPOnG wonders if there will be online spats and ‘set-tos’ over who is next on the pool table, such as we see in our Wakefield local!

The ability to playback HD content from your PS3 has not (yet) been included, there is currently no Trophy Room feature and the picture frames in your Home are restricted to pre-set photos, but we imagine that these features will be improved, if not before launch, then soon after.

You have to be invited in to your friends’ Homes (much as in real life, for the non-criminal, non-sociopaths among us at least) but once you hve been invited you can warp into your friend's pad (unlike real life, unless you are on strong LSD).

One particularly cool feature is that Home has supported Bluetooth headsets and keyboards from the beta's first day, with users having to hold R2 to speak. The audio volume is based on how close people are to you, so you can have one-on-one conversations while hearing the peripheral noise of others chatting in the background. Cool!

More on Home as we get it.

source: IGN



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