In2Games Announces Wii Sports for PS2

Well, kind of

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UK-based motion-control specialists In2Games, developers of the PS3 and 360 Fusion (now called 'Freedom') motion-control technology has just announced that they are to release Wii Sports for the PlayStation 2 this coming Christmas. Well, kind of.

The RealPlay Wireless Gaming Range (pictured here) for PlayStation 2 comes bundled with six unique games, each one with a dedicated wireless controller and will set you back no more than 30 this Christmas.

"The REALPLAY range of games is aimed squarely at those PlayStation 2 owners who want to play wireless motion-sensing games without needing to splash out on a new console", says Elliott Myers, CEO of In2Games.

Of course, upon hearing this, the Nintendo fanboys that we usually keep locked in the SPOnG office cupboard have immediately accused In2Games of copying Nintendos success with Wii. But, well, why the heck not? We should get some hands on time with the games at Leipzig next week, but in the meantime heres the low-down from the press release just in.

"Each wireless peripheral has been designed not just to provide intuitive motion-sensing control, but to enhance the overall gaming experience as well.

"REALPLAY Tennis comes with a wireless tennis racket, which will detect every serve, smash, volley and lob. REALPLAY Pool comes with its own cue, enabling potting precision within its many variations of pool and snooker. REALPLAY Golf is packaged with a wireless club to register every drive, chip, hook and slice. REALPLAY Racing comes with a steering wheel for the complete wireless racing experience. REALPLAY Bowling arrives with an actual wireless bowling ball. Whilst REALPLAY Puzzlesphere introduces a new concept of party game as players manipulate a physical sphere around vertigo-inducing courses.

"Each peripheral is as accurate as any videogaming technology out there at the moment, but on an entirely new format. The games are fun, challenging and highly addictive, and the wireless peripherals offer the best way of controlling games on what will be this Christmas's most popular mainstream console."

In2Games has, to date, managed to secure an impressive 7.76m venture capital to fund development of its next-gen wireless motion-sensing controller, 'Freedom'. More details on this from Leipzig next week.


Captain Chaos! 17 Aug 2007 10:37
In2Games - here today, gone tomorrow.
ozfunghi 17 Aug 2007 11:50
Never gonna fly. Other than In2Games own games, nobody will develop for it unless this gets a userbase of a couple of million PS2 owners. Which i doubt very much will happen.

THIS is a real gimmick.
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majin dboy 17 Aug 2007 13:59
oh please.
Joji 17 Aug 2007 15:22
Its strange they leave this to be released in the PS2s last days, if you will. This won't shift much despite their trying. Wii has more money, advertising and better games beyond just sports. Try matching Trauma Center or Cooking Mama, In2Games. You have no chance, sorry.

Not even close, but no cigar. Lol.
mrAnthony 17 Aug 2007 17:55
right, so only 30 a game, so you dont have to splash out on a new console... and am i correct in thinking, that its 30 for bowling, 30 for golf, etc. wii sports has five games on it, thats 30 x 5 = 150, about 30 shy of a wii, AND you dont get the pleasure of a new console. hmmm.
Bob Fossill 17 Aug 2007 17:59
err hello? the PS2 is still outselling Wii in all major markets (fact. check it) and has an installed base of four gillion (or something).

at 30 for a range of fun motion-controlled party games, In2Games is going to make an absolute packet from this, whether you think it's a flash-in-the-pan gimmick or not
Hypnotoad 20 Aug 2007 01:10
Oh noes! Someone has come out with something that does everything a Wii does for 30pounds - quick, NBOTS unite and DESTROY!

As for the 'they're just copying Nintendo' argument, might I remind you SPOnG that motion controlled gaming is nothing new (Dreamcast fishing rod, racing wheels, sword for PS2 etc) - Nintendo just copied all of them to begin with except instead of making separate peripherals doing their own 'thing' well, they made one that does everything 'OK'. Wow - awesome.

At any rate, good on In2Games for getting out there and putting some pressure on Nintendo to pick up their game. As far as real gaming is concerned on Wii, it's a total JOKE.

Bring on the nextgen motion control for 360 and PS3 In2Games - show those clowns how it should be done.
Joji 20 Aug 2007 15:06
Motion control on Wii a joke. Lol. whatever Toad.
Come back and tell me so when you've played Metroid 3, Zack and Wiki and Super Mario Galaxy.

Sure, PS2 is still selling well and thats cool (I still have and play mine). For how long though? with PS3 here now, PS2 has probably got one to two years left in it. And sure motion control isn't new, humans have been using it since they been walking the earth (you call all wave that patent at Nintendo now, lol).

A control of Wii is only as good as (and judged by) its games, remember that. There's been crap Wii games and good Wii games, but can you really tell me I can experience Trauma Center Second Opinion on PS2? Can't see those controllers offering the diversity of Wii games, but its welcome to those who want it (knock yourselves out and give them sales).

headcasephil 20 Aug 2007 15:59
look at it in a different way ps2 user base huge lots of kids that might want a wii for christmas.
mum or dad goes in to a shop see the price of wii yes not much when you look at ps3 but hay lots of parents cant justify spending 179.99 on a console when they got to pay the bills and buy the food etc see in3games on the shelf which offers similar to wii for 30 which one do you thing the parents are going to go for 30 or 179.99 and also as i thing wii will sell out this christmas it will make a good other option instead of the wii
majin dboy 20 Aug 2007 18:01
the idiot parents and poor will buy 30 virtual tennis, and the kid will be bored with it within a few weeks.if the parents cant afford a decent macine for the kid,they shudnt buy second rate software,fooling their kid in2 thinkin he/she got a good xmas present. altho thats not how they will see it,they stupidly think,im screwing the system here...what a bargin.

my main problem with in2 is as follows. customer A goes out and buys three in2 games costing a total of 90 bowling,tennis and pool. Now any gamer knows every game has a life cycle,my point here is that no matter how good these three titles are they will eventually be relegated to the "played" pile,yes they mite be revisited but probably will never be played as much as they were initially. So what happens to the 3 pieces of plastic which are lying in the corner?sure more pool / tennis etc games mite be made but how different can they be??

The Wii on the other hand is 180 but what u get with that is a versitile controller that can be wrapped around all the genres instead of in2s idiotic genre specific genre controllers,over time the wii offers far superior value when considering price -> games possible to play on it.

bottom line in2 games probably became stagnent,say the possiblity of making a lot of money on the whole advanced(relatively) motion senseing era Nintendo has started.the idea from in2 was good but it has been poorly executed.
Joji 20 Aug 2007 21:50
In response to Phil, if anyone with knowledge of games (even they least bit) opened this as a present on xmas morning, he/she would more than likely secretly bin it, then later go to a close friends place, to play proper Wii games, on a proper Wii.

I understand your logic, Phil (poor suckers can't afford a Wii, or 360 Core at 180 each, but its not that wallet busting), but it goes and hits a brick wall too quickly. The net wise 21st century kids of today will know the difference between Wii and In2games effort, and seek the real McCoy. No false pretenders need apply.

Like I said before, diversity is king of games on Wii. That's why its kicking arse in sales globally.
Be`i 24 Aug 2007 08:56

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zoydwheeler 24 Aug 2007 11:41
Now this I just cannot agree with.
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