Overlord Split Screen Update Due on 360

Imminent on Xbox LIVE

Posted by Staff
Xbox 360 gamers that have been getting stuck into Codemaster’s Overlord will be glad to hear that there is a new split-screen mode due ‘imminently’ via Xbox LIVE, to enable you to play all the existing multiplayer maps against your evil, cackling mates in the comfort of your own dungeon.

If you have ever imagined yourself at the head of an unstoppable army of evil, intent on the subjugation of the world, then SPOnG reckons Overlord is the game for you.

Overlord also reminded us quite a bit of Nintendo's classic Pikmin, but with a slightly more evil twist. Again, this is altogether A Good Thing.

Check out SPOnG’s full review of Overlord right here for more details on the game.


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