TimeShift: New PS3 Screens Here!

Is messing with time bad for your health?

Posted by Staff
SPOnG's starting to wonder if shifting time can't lead to a spot of nastiness. Look at this poor chap (pictured right). He's just going about his business, wandering round the inner city with his soldier get-up on (and probably a gun), and he gets last night's digested kebab blown out of him!

Of course, SPOnG can't be 100% certain that shifting time logically necessitates getting shot to s**t, but contravening anecdotal evidence suggests there is a correlation. We're always wandering around, not shifting time and not getting shot.

In any case, cast your eyes over the new PS3 screens for the excellent-looking TimeShift below, then head over to SPOnG's dedicated game page for more.


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