New Ninja Gaiden Downloadables Detailed

Best PS3 game to date just gets better

Posted by Staff
Ninja Gaiden Sigma, for many one of the best PS3 games to date, is about to get just a teensy bit better, with Eidos announcing today that a bunch of three new downloadable content packs are due in the coming months.

Each of the three Ninja Gaiden Sigma downloads provide various themed battles, with a World Ranking available for each different theme. These are basically for true ninja players who have mastered this deliciously hard game and want to show off their skills online.

The first PSN download arriving on September 6th is entitled 'Weapon Master' and includes five survival modes where you can use only a limited array of weaponry, where they player?s objective is to master the feature of each weapon and wipe out as many enemies as possible.

The second pack, 'Speed Master' is all about beating your enemies as accurately and quickly as possible and features another five survival modes in which the time and power gauge are limited.

In the third and final download, 'Rachel Master', you play as the new buxom female character Rachel across another five survival modes in the quest to become the ?World?s No. 1 Fiend Hunter?. Nice!

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