Imagine Babies... On Nintendo DS

Ubisoft goes child friendly...

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Imagine Babies... On Nintendo DS
In a valiant effort to assist the spread of teen mums across the land, Ubisoft is bringing Imagine Babies to the DS later this year. Yes, that’s right. A handheld baby-raising sim (pictured here, if you don’t believe us)!

The creative minds at Ubi have clearly sat around a big table and gone: “hmm, now what else do girls like… we’ve had pets and horses, we’ve had fashion, we’ve had cooking… I KNOW, BABIES!!!”

Apparently you can go online with the game and exchange baby clothes and stuff.

"Ubisoft is excited to finally offer young girls a line of games that give them the chance to explore their hobbies and interests in interactive and creative experiences," says Ubisoft.

Next up in Ubisoft’s Imagine series for DS – Figure Skating - although we think it should be Imagine Making Babies.



deleted 8 Aug 2007 20:26
i wonder if you tap their noses hard like in nintendogs they sneeze, or do the social come round and give you a free holiday and extra spending money and just because you have the talent of producing babies take your side over the dads on everything? ... just a thought.
kezep 16 Dec 2007 17:07
I think the idea of imagine making babies is an excellent idea. Especially for us wives who's husbands are on the nightshift. LOL
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Rebekahmiron 3 Feb 2008 12:40
great game, but i think there should be more clothes 4 ur baby and the price is ridiculous.... sorry!
Anon 19 Mar 2008 19:02
Anyone else notice "iStockPhoto" on the bottom right baby?
Ella 7 Dec 2008 15:55
This game rocks! Although, no matter how hard I try, the babies always end up crying when I play the piano. THEY HURT MY FEELINGS!! Also, did anyone here ever look after more than one baby at once?
Anon 7 Dec 2008 15:57
Rebekahmiron wrote:
great game, but i think there should be more clothes 4 ur baby and the price is ridiculous.... sorry!

R not! i bort all the cloths for just a little!
Istock photo Rip off 6 Jan 2009 03:37
If you look at the baby in the bottom right hand corner in the circle, there is an istockphoto watermark left on the picture. This is actually in the printed case artwork,no one caught it before it went out to stores... oops :)
config 6 Jan 2009 09:25
The pack image wasn't final artwork when this story ran - it must have been a pre-release mock-up, and some dolt in PR started dishing it out to press and trade.

Click through to the most excellent Imagine Babies game page and you'll see that it's different pack art with no watermarks
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