TimeShift: Latest Mind-Bending Trailer Inside

Watch out for paradoxes

Posted by Staff
TimeShift: Latest Mind-Bending Trailer Inside
If SPOnG could turn back time, if we could find a way... Bah! After looking at the new TimeShift video below we're not that bothered, actually. We're happy to just sit back and wait for Vivendi's excellent-looking sci-fi shooter to hit shelves later this year.

Sure, it might be nice to go back and do the old 'kill Hitler as a baby' thing, or maybe make sure our dads don't spend their lives being bullied by meatheads. But, y'know, temporal paradoxes and all that = Big Problems. Stopping, slowing down and reversing time in TimeShift in order to shoot and explode things in awesome ripply ways looks like loads more fun, anyway.

To find out more about TimeShift, head on over to SPOnG's dedicated game page.



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