Spider-Man Friend Or Foe: Chummy New Screens

Spidey gets some mates

Posted by Staff
Spider-Man, as we all know, is universally hated on his home turf in New York City. It's impossible to turn a corner without that evil newspaper - The Daily Bugle - telling us he's a menace, villain or some other kind of pest. It's nice, then, to see him getting some pals.

Granted, the Green Goblin looks like a mid-'90s diver after an accident with some European clubwear. And yeah, the Sandman hasn't changed his T-shirt in the 40-odd years since he first graced the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man.

It does look like Venom's had some kind of kind of bryl-cream-cum-goth makeover, too. And we'd really advise you don't get us started on Iron Fist's open shirt/bootie combo. But, superficiality aside, it warms SPOnG's heart to see Spidey hanging out with some chums in the new screens for Spider-Man: Friend or Foe below.

Even if some of them are maniacal supervillains.

You can find out more about Friend or Foe on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


deleted 26 Jul 2007 19:00
freind or foe?, well ever since i lent him 30.00 to go out in town a few month back i aint seen him and he borrowed my family guy season one, he is quickly becoming a foe!
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