Ford Takes PS2 And PSP Off Road

Mess up your Fiesta

Posted by Staff
Empire Interactive has just revealed the first details and screens from the next instalment in its Ford Racing series, which currently goes by the working title Ford Off Road.

The latest game will be released on the PSP, PS2 and PC and will, as you might have guessed, take Ford's automobiles away from the beaten track. For the first time you'll also be able to live out your fantasies of writing off your Escort in appropriate bonnet-crunching style, instead of flying into walls at full speed and bouncing away without a scratch.

While the PS2 version will offer a two player mode, the PSP takes the biscuit on the multiplayer front. The handheld version will offer six-way automotive carnage over Wi-Fi.

Game modes will include Standard Race, Elimination, Time Trial, Overtake, Slalom, Checkpoint, Moving Checkpoint, Seconds Out, Show Me The Money, One Model Race, Low Damage Race and Expedition spanning desert, forest and mountain terrains.

Dig into the screens below to see what you think.


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