Rumour: Wii Hard Drive and Hardware Improvements Soon?

Nintendo of America boss doesn’t rule out either

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NOA bossman, George Harrison
NOA bossman, George Harrison
Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication, George Harrison, (no, not a dead Beatle…) has gone on record this week to talk about the mooted Wii hard drive, as well as other potential hardware improvements to the Wii in future.

Harrison is quoted as saying, "I'm not sure whether we would launch it (the Wii hard drive) or not. Other people have talked about it and certainly memory management is something that consumers want to think about, whether it's just Virtual Console games, so at this point we haven't got anything we're prepared to say about it."

Err? So, you do agree that consumers want it. But you don’t want to talk about. Thanks for clearing that one up George!

Next up, Harrison talks of potential future changes to the Wii's hardware, noting that, "Console hardware has always historically been on a sort of fixed, sequential pattern almost every five to six years and it takes you about five years to develop a new piece of console hardware.

"The handhelds and portables, like Game Boy and now DS, we've always been continuously innovating, and whenever we feel like it's time or have an upgrade, we'll do it, whether it's an improved screen for the handheld or slimmed down like the DS Lite - those types of things. So it's not out of the question on Wii, but we're not even to our second holiday yet, so it's kind of premature to talk about any revisions to the hardware itself."

Finally, on the Sony U.S. PS3 price drop, Harrison cannot resist sticking his oar in, saying, "I don't think they had any choice… [though] it's pretty soon after launch to be dropping your price."

And on Microsoft’s recent ‘red ring of death’ woes Harrison couldn’t help himself, reminding us all that, "It's a stunning admission; it's more than a billion dollars."

source: GameDaily


Joji 24 Jul 2007 13:13
Why are they pussy footing around? Wii should have had n optional had drive at or shortly after launch. I'm glad they are listening all the same, and I reckon its only a matter of time before we see it. I reckon it'll be early to mid 2008, possibly in time for Mario Kart Online and other Wii titles gettng more online play.

deleted 24 Jul 2007 14:54
come ninty all you need to do is do a firmware update and get the console compatable with usb hard disks or even usb flash dirves. its not gonna be hard guys honest! and once thats out lets get downloadable updates ie: mario kart and smash bros new charactures and karts added for 100/200 wii points?? you know you want too!
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Joji 24 Jul 2007 15:07
What would be groovy is being able to download new tracks in Mario Kart possibly edit your own and upload them for play. Only way to do that all effectively, is with a hard drive.
realvictory 25 Jul 2007 00:54
Speaking of which, F-Zero with 30 players online would be totally amazing. Bear it in mind.

The trouble with USB media is that they don't want people being able to make unofficial copies/backups of entire Virtual Console games. Still, I do think they should have made additional hard drives from the start. The problem is that they don't really need to do anything - they're making money as it is, so why should they care? They'll probably have the technology basically ready, and wait until sales decrease or something before releasing it. Good for them, a bit worse for us.
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