THQ’s de Blob for Wii – Free PC Taster Inside

Paint the town red. Or yellow. Or blue. Etc.

Posted by Staff
One of SPOnG’s surprise ‘one to watch out for’ Wii and DS titles on show at E3 this year was THQ’s strangely named (and strangely capitalised) de Blob – essentially a blob-rolling game a la Katamari, where you paint a grey alien town in lovely day-glo lurid colours (pictured here).

de Blob’s barking mad storyline pitches you, the eponymous and gelatinous paint-sucking blob, against the fascistic colour-hating Ink Corp. The Wii Remote is of course perfect for games which involve rolling blobs and balls and whatnot around mazes and puzzles and cities in the sky (Super Monkey Ball and Mercury Meltdown Revolution have both proved this in spades).

de Blob began its life as a student project, and now you can download the full version of that initial game, which won plenty of well-deserved awards and stuff for being ‘Internet Game of the Year 2006, right here at, ’.

SPOnG urges you to download de Blob on your PC immediately, although we also have to warn you that it will destroy any attempt you thought you might make at doing any productive work today.

Try de Blob out and then just think that THQ is publishing an even better, more polished Wii and DS version. Hopefully in time for Xmas (we'll confirm release date with THQ as soon as we can). Ace!

Watch out for SPOnG’s detailed de Blob preview in the very near future.


config 19 Jul 2007 19:43
Definately sounds like Katamari meets Wizball
deleted 19 Jul 2007 21:22
i love my wii i just want somthing different/normal

i think the novelty is wearing a bit thin for me now,

Yes i stood there and said the wii is brill it will live forever, but it better get some decent games and not because im scared the machine will fail because thats a little obvious now it wont but for my own sake im sick of tilting my pissing wii-mote to every game i play, can we have somethng different now.
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