The Charts: Product Recall Can't Crash Mario's Party

Harry hangs in there

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The Charts: Product Recall Can't Crash Mario's Party
Despite being recalled on the day it was released, Mario Party 8 manages to enter the Charts at Number 5.

Following Nintendo's recall of the game thanks to offensive content, it will no doubt drop out of the Charts next week, but for this week a single day's sale has been enough to earn it a spot in the Top 10.

While Mario manages to shake things up a bit in the middle of the Top 10, the Top 3 sees no change from last week.

With Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix having made its cinema début, it's little surprise that the bespectacled little wizard scores another win for EA and hangs on to his top spot in the games charts. It's not all glory days for Potter, however. Order of the Phoenix loses 11% of its sales compared to last week.

Once again More Brain Training from Nintendo for the DS rests at Number 2, but it's another title that sees a sales drop, down 17% from last week. The second Brain Training title's release has done well for its predecessor, however, with Brain Training up four spots from Number 10 to Number 6.

The cross-platform Shrek The Third from Activision retains last week's position of Number 3, but like Order of the Phoenix and More Brain Training, it drops some sales. The big green guy loses 28% of last week's sales.

Next up is the incorrigible Wii Play, climbing two spots from Number 6 to Number 4 and, as ever, suggesting strong Wii hardware sales as Nintendo fans get their mitts on the game's free Wii Remote.

The only 'new' entry in the Charts this week was actually débuted on July 6th, but it's only this week that Midway's second outing on the DS, the suspiciously-named Touchmaster, breaks into the Charts at Number 29.

Next week you won't be able to see the big new mover in the Charts, because it will come in the form of robots that craftily disguise themselves as other things. That's right; Transformers is coming courtesy of Activision.

You can see this week's chart in full here.


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