British Army Mods Battlefield 2: New Screens

War's not a game, but it kind of is

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Have you ever wondered what it's really like to grab a SA80 A2 and head off into battle in Iraq? Possibly not, but if you are that way inclined then SPOnG has a couple of screens to give you a taste.

British Military advice has worked its way into EA's Battlefield 2 to create a mod for Battlefield 2 that will place British military tackle in the hands of gamers. Ssgt Turner, on of the developers on the game, tells us:

"The Mod's name, 'Project Reality', is self descriptive in its aim to create a realistic combat environment on the home computer. The Project Reality team comprises a group of dedicated individuals, several of whom have backgrounds in armed services, whose sole task is to provide researched material, including statistical information, to the developers who are in turn tasked with coding and creating the mod itself. If you are looking for a fact based first person shooter from the perspective of a combat soldier, Project Reality will provide for your gaming needs."

Cast your eyes over the screens below for a taste of what our lads are up against.


realvictory 13 Jul 2007 21:30
Looks very realistic, but who is it aimed at?
centsless 15 Jul 2007 13:54
realvictory wrote:
Looks very realistic, but who is it aimed at?

gun nuts and wannabe soldier geeks?
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