Metroid Advance to be a completely new game confirmed by Nintendo

Nintendo boss talks on all things GBA especially Metroid

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Metroid Advance to be a completely new game confirmed by Nintendo
Nintendo of America’s director of game development, Ken Lobb, has lifted the veil of secrecy that has surrounded the Metroid title for Game Boy Advance at a press event in California.

"As you all probably saw on February 7,” said Lobb, “there was a meeting in Japan. Mr. Iwata got up and he had a short list of games in development for Game Boy Advance by some people that are doing upgrade ports for us. For example, we took Super Mario Bros. 2 and ripped out all the enemies from the original and did a complete enemy replacement for the GBA game. With that type of situation in mind, they announced GBA versions of Mario 3, Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story and Metroid. One of the things I wanted to get across in today's meeting is that Metroid is not Super Metroid. It's something new something that will hopefully be seen at E3 for our sweet little Game Boy Advance." Ahhh!

Lobb also spoke about the Game Boy Advance generally, and gave a special mention to the work by Rare. "There have been three distinct jumps above what I thought was possible on Game Boy Advance. A month and a half or two months ago, I saw Rayman and I was like 'wow, I didn't really expect that.' It looked like a PlayStation One game. I thought the GBA could do it -- but seeing is believing. We actually put that game side by side with the PSOne version and it looks far better on Game Boy Advance. Then, the second leap was the first time I saw Tony Hawk GBA. I would be surprised if most people leave this event thinking that it is the definitive title on Game Boy Advance. The last time I was impressed, was by a game that you're not going to see today. I visited Rare a couple of months ago and Rare has, as it has a tendency to, basically one-upped graphically whatever anybody else is doing."

Nintendo goes on record to say that its Game Boy Advance looks better than the PlayStation. That’s what we like to hear.


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