3DO to sue LucasArts over new StarWars games

Does 3DO really have more right to Starfighter than big George

Posted by Staff
3DO to sue LucasArts over new StarWars games
The 3DO Company has filed a lawsuit against LucasArts to the High Court of Northern California for copyright infringement.

The lawsuit relates to LucasArts’ latest StarWars game, StarWars Starfighter for the PlayStation 2, which 3DO claims has taken unfair advantage of the time, money and effort 3DO has invested into the Starfighter brand. 3DO also states that the LucasArts game, which is published by Activision, is too similar to its own titles.

LucasArts’ use of the Starfighter brand, according to 3DO will cause the company “Lost profits, dilution of its goodwill and injury to its reputation.”

3DO may have a point, but surely at least a portion of the credit for the success of the StarWars brand must go to LucasArts. Also, what other format could a “Starfighter” game take?

The outcome of this case is difficult to call.


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