Project Gotham Racing 4: Bikes Confirmed

Oh yes, just like SPOnG told you

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We don't wish to say we told you so...
We don't wish to say we told you so...
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Just as we told you back in May this year, Bizarre Creations' eagerly awaited racer, Project Gotham 4, will indeed feature the addition of motorbike madness.

According to a recent report in Gamespot, which featured the screenshot you can see to the right of this story, "One of the biggest pieces of news with PGR4 is the arrival of motorcycles to the lineup of vehicles."

We are expecting to catch up with the chaps at Bizarre creations at the rapidly approaching in a Casey Stoner/Valentino Rossi sort of way E3; we'll get back to you with even more stories for you to rely on.

Source: Gamespot


hollywooda 6 Jul 2007 15:59
this looks f**king awesome! cant wait 4 a demo!
deleted 6 Jul 2007 16:45
so can you race bikes and cars in the same race? and if the drivers fly off the bikes then cat and mouse just got a hell of a lot better!!!!
Joji 6 Jul 2007 20:00
Cars vs bikes! Freaking awesome idea (even though Motorstorm done the same). I want live demo now...
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