Empire Earth III: Epic New Trailer

Gotta love the smell of world domination in the morning

Posted by Staff
SPOnG World. Coming to a planet near you soon.
SPOnG World. Coming to a planet near you soon.
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Yesterday, when Sierra Entertainment threw some World in Conflict screens our way, SPOnG was feeling pacifistic. Something about this trailer for Empire Earth III, however, has changed all that.

Now, we've got a strange urge to venture forth into the world, conquering all we see and crushing all resistance under the heel of our iron jackboot. It's a shame we're such lazy wretches, really.

We'll probably just sit around, grumbling about the weather and yelping every time someone mentions experimental jazz until autumn rolls around and we can conquer the world through the ages from the comfort of our couches. There'll be absolutely no hugging allowed. Oh no.

Take a look at the video below, you'll see what we mean.


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