Trauma Center: Second Opinion on Wii Dated for Europe

Scalpels at the ready this August

Posted by Staff
One of SPOnG’s favourite Wii games to date is the superb Trauma Center: Second Opinion, so it's sure good to hear that we will finally be able to get our virtual scalpels out when it launches in the UK this coming August. August 10th to be surgically precise.

In Trauma Center: Second Opinion the player returns as rookie doctor Derek Stiles charged with, among other things, battling the deadly disease ‘GUILT’ (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin), believed to have been engineered by the terrorist group Delphi.

The player selects instruments using the Nunchuk in one hand whilst using the Wii Remote in the other hand to employ the chosen tool – including syringes, scalpels, tweezers and defibrillator paddles.

The tension and pacing in Trauma Center: Second Opinion, in which you are awarded points for both accuracy and speed (and not killing patients basically!) is what makes it a winner in our book.

Read our full review from late last year here to find out more.


Joji 26 Jun 2007 12:12
Damn, I wanna be a doctor now but I have no Wii to operate yet. No Dr House in the house today, either. Lol.

I hope Atlus develop a sequels for the DS and Wii with multiplayer options, that would really bring this series forward.

Next year, surely some one has to make a Mad Dentist game with a Dr Giggles twist. That would be awesome.
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