Geometry Wars For £1.25?!

There really is no excuse to not have played this now

Posted by Staff
An actually cheaper-than-chips Windows XP version of Bizarre Creations wonderful Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is now being sold via Valve’s equally wonderful ‘Steam’ PC download service. For a mere $2.50 (around £1.25 at today’s exchange rates).

See. While a large portion of chips at our local branch of Harry Ramsden’s sets us back £1.30.

If, shamefully, you have still not yet played Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved then you really have no excuse now. Get it quick too, as it goes up to $3.95 starting June 22. Which is nearly a whole two English pounds. The price of two lovely saveloys.

"With over 13 million active accounts, Steam is the ideal platform for launching Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved for Windows XP," said Martyn Chudley, Creative Director at Bizarre Creations. "We hope to continue the success of Geometry Wars by introducing its award-winning gameplay to one of gaming's largest communities."

And don’t forget that Geometry Wars: Galaxies will be heading to the Wii and DS later this year, not to mention Bizarre's two other monster new games for 2007 - The Club (published by Sega) and Project Gotham Racing 4 (with motorbikes!) (published by Microsoft Games Studios)


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