'Wii-Killer' Attracts Substantial Investment

In2Games director takes pop at Wii

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'Wii-Killer' Attracts Substantial Investment
In2Games, a company working on motion-sensing hardware and software for the 360 and PS3, which it claims will one-up the Wii, has just attracted investment to the tune of £7.4 million from venture capitalist Ingenious Media Active Capital (IMAC).

The investment demonstrates a strong show of faith in the company's Gametrak Fusion technology from the money-men. In2Games' director, Harry Holmwood, hinted at the reasons for this faith, saying, “As well as the titles we are putting out ourselves we are getting support from a lot of other companies.”

The company is keen to not be seen as an upstart trying to imitate the big boy on the motion-sensing block. Holmwood artfully took a dig at Nintendo, saying “The Wii is a fantastic piece of kit. But Fusion changes the playing field again – if Wii is going to be the cheaper option, we can bring the better, more sophisticated option to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.”

He also indicated that the technology will make a splash, stating, “We’re treating this as a platform roll-out. There’s going to be a major spend on marketing as well – this is a really big deal for us.”

IMAC's director, Patrick McKenna, seemed pretty pleased to be on board, saying:

"We believe there is a really exciting opportunity ahead for In2Games to capitalise on key drivers of change in the video games market as they continue to roll out innovative hardware combined with great software. In Gametrak Fusion, In2Games has created the definitive motion gaming platform for the next generation of games consoles and I look forward to this product driving the company into its most exciting period yet."

What the two companies need to remember, however, is that as well developing disruptive technology, Nintendo also spent a lot of time, effort, and cash on promoting the Wii as a new, more mass-market friendly console. Much of the appeal of motion-based gameplay in the Wii has been to mums, grans and girlfriends, and SPOnG is dubious as to whether the more hardcore gaming audience that's attracted to the 360, PC and PS3 is going to show the same interest.

That is not to say, of course, that In2Games hasn't piqued SPOnG's interest. In fact, we caught up with In2Games last November for an in-depth interview. Click here to find out more.

The technology could, of course, even benefit Nintendo in the long run. Holmwood told SPOnG “I can imagine, though, a situation where there are cross-platform PS2/Wii games,”and the company has claimed elsewhere that Wii games could be ported to the PS3/360 using its hardware. The advent of easier cross-platform development could see publishers more willing to fund development for the Wii.

Is Gametrak Fusion a serious Wii-killer, or a pissant upstart imitating the big boy in the motion-sensitive world? Answers in the Forum, please.

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Chris 15 Jun 2007 12:41
I dont think so. £7.4 million spend on promotion is s**te all for a platform roll out or whatever. Nintendo spent $100 million dollars promoting the N64 on release in america alone, so for every machine they sold - they took 100 dollar loss. So in context. you know.
YenRug 15 Jun 2007 13:28
As I said, when this company's tech was first revealed, there's nothing stopping Nintendo buying them out and taking the tech for a Wii Mk2. Nintendo went with IR for mature tech cost reasons, but give it five years and this RF version would probably be at a pricepoint to be mass produced too. Tie that in with a more powerful system that could cut inside of Sony's 10 year lifespan for the PS3...
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Sora 15 Jun 2007 13:34
Here we go again...I dont think Nintendo should be all that worried.

i doubt this equipment is hardly gonna get any support from any Japanese developer, So's theirs some quality titles gona already. Plus I doubt games like Halo, Gears, MGS is gonna benifit from it either.

EA is the only company that I think would so interest in such a product.

I cant to see what their "sophisticated option" is. They shouldnt be taking digs at the Wii, I suggest they wait till their product is a sucess (yeah right) before they do that.

Joji 15 Jun 2007 14:37
Nothing for Nintendo to be worried about. Wii is out now and sucking up more money than a Dyson in a bank vault. While this tech is good, it would really need the backing of more financial clout to give Wii any problems.

Seeing games ported from Wii to 360 and PS3? That would be awful and I'm sure wouldn't go down well with Wii actually on sale now. This tech would have to have its own proper games not Wii cast offs.

The strength of those games would then have to match Nintendo's own home baked variety, I know which I'd bet on. Most developers/publishers already have problems just selling their normal games against Nintendo's strong IP, let alone games using this tech. That could play into Sony's favour mind you, if they chose to adopt it

Ditto 15 Jun 2007 14:54
Joji wrote:
Seeing games ported from Wii to 360 and PS3? That would be awful and I'm sure wouldn't go down well with Wii actually on sale now. This tech would have to have its own proper games not Wii cast offs.

Why? I don't understand why this wouldn't go down well. There are more 360s out there than Wiis...
dr_faulk 15 Jun 2007 15:36
The PSP should have royally trounced the DS, if you go on horsepower alone. But it didn't. The touch screen, as simple as it was, was enough to win everyone over.
In fact, I used to think a while ago how else the DS could be used, and then Ouendan came along. Maybe new games don't have to be so totally radically different (Ouendan is just a rythem game, after all) in order for the console to be successful.
Ouendan aside, I think developers will always find a way to make really neat games for the Wii. Graphics do not have to match the PS3 or 360's standards at all, once they are clean and polished. The DS yet again proves my point.
Spunkweed 15 Jun 2007 16:42
Adam M wrote:
Joji wrote:
Seeing games ported from Wii to 360 and PS3? That would be awful and I'm sure wouldn't go down well with Wii actually on sale now. This tech would have to have its own proper games not Wii cast offs.

Why? I don't understand why this wouldn't go down well. There are more 360s out there than Wiis...

At the rate at which the Wii is currently selling, I don't see that lasting very long. And why buy a $400-600 console for games that you can pick up the $250 Wii and play? Joji is right, if this wanted to take off it'd have to have some pretty hard hitting titles backing it, or be doomed to a similar fate as the Phantom.
ozfunghi 15 Jun 2007 17:29
It's simple:

-Big sales bring in big developers.

-Big developers assure big sales.

-In2Games =/= big developer

-Gametrak sales: 0

Hence: fail.

Haritorihanzo 15 Jun 2007 18:19
It wont work, simply because no add on controller would have the same success as a standard controller, if they were built in from the beginning then every game could support it if the devs so choose, but to add motion sensing later on wont kill the wii at all, infact i would bet it wouldnt even dent the sales of wii by 1 console!, but if the xbox720 or ps4 has this tech as standard as 99% will do then the wii 2 will have to work very hard to bring the next big `thang` in gaming, motion sense will be copied upon by each console manufactor, so we will have to wait and see what the boys bring to the table, will it be true sensory feedback (tactile feedback imgaine feeling a bullet hit you in the shoulder or a the cold of a new handgun) or hologrpahical video?, lets here some crazy out there suggestions for the next thing.
MadJo 15 Jun 2007 18:33
Remember the times that the big companies said that the Wii was just a gimmick?
James 15 Jun 2007 19:24
yeh the problem there is that devs on the 360/PS3 dont have the immagination or talent to do what Nintendo can do, people buy the Wii cos they Know Nintendo are behind it, what devs are behind this device for the 360/PS3?? EA? UBI, Activision ?lol all the usual bland game makers, Ohh a WW2 shooter, driving game with motion control, annual sports update or another FPS game. dont make me laugh

why is it again that third party devs are doing very poorly on the Wii??? you can cover crap games with motion controls to but it doenst hide the fact they are still crap.

dont make me laugh.
Joji 16 Jun 2007 01:06
You have a good point, James. I'm still amazed at the amount of developers opting out of creating games for Wii. It clearly shows the imagination is lacking on their part while they give excuses about graphics and such on Wii as their reason not to develop for it. This is a sad situation and I'm surprised its happening, but bravo to those that try. How easily they forget Wii has a classic controller, if they don't dig the Wii mote for games.

Funniest thing about this is that with PS3 not selling well, many of them might yet have to U turn and eat humble pie for Wii development.
James 16 Jun 2007 15:33
If you look at the games being released this month, Shrek the third (ps2 port with tacked on motion control) harry potter (ps2 port with tacked on motion control) mortal kombat armageddon(ps2 port with tacked on motion control)

Resi4 is out and however awesome it is it's still a port with tacked on motion control. capcom are supporting the Wii with their new chronicles(still annoyed it's on rails but it's built from scratch with the Wii in mind so kudos) but you see a trend with the wii, and third party devs wonder why they do poorly, I think either they are dumb or they're making a quick buck.
Joji 16 Jun 2007 16:29
In defence of RE4, while a port its clearly the best port Wii deserved. I've heard it enhances an already sweet experience.

Some of these other dump ports are welcome (while hardcore folk like me might not pick them up, casuals might indulge instead, a good thing for Wii still), but new fresh games are really needed. Developers now have a chance to go away and think if the still want to make games or not.
shadonin 16 Jun 2007 19:33
It dosn't have pointer tecnology so you can't port that over and it will have a hard time being used since it isn't standard and it's not expandable to have a joystick
even though it's good tecnology
BigBob 18 Jun 2007 10:45
errr... it does have a joystick, and I've seen a pointer working with it!
Rob 19 Jun 2007 09:17
Interesting stuff. Just thought I'd point out - you say "piqued SPOnG's interest," not "peaked" :)
shedzy 19 Jun 2007 11:23
Rob wrote:
Interesting stuff. Just thought I'd point out - you say "piqued SPOnG's interest," not "peaked" :)

Probably because the person who wrote 'piqued' understands the English language better than you do; thats how it is spelt.
TimSpong 19 Jun 2007 11:40
Rob wrote:
Interesting stuff. Just thought I'd point out - you say "piqued SPOnG's interest," not "peaked" :)

Yes, we did say that - and I've now changed it.

Pique - "to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.)"

Peak - loads of definitions, from peaked cap to looking ill to being at the point of maximum frequency.

Although 'peaked my interest' has become common usage, it's lazy and sloppy and I have shot the sub-editor responsible in the head with bullets made from his own teeth.

They know the penalty for failure.

Apologies and thanks.



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