FIFA 08 For Wii With World's Fourth Best Football Player

Ronaldinho? Come again?

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How come Ronaldinho's Mii gets limbs?
How come Ronaldinho's Mii gets limbs?
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EA has just announced that FIFA 08 is coming to the Wii, and it's bringing the world's fourth best footballer, Ronaldinho, with it.

Ronaldinho is exclusive to the Wii version of the title, and will host a game mode called 'Footii Party'. In case the double 'i' didn't give it away, it's a mini-game mode - this is, in case you've forgotten, a game on the Wii. Players will be able to engage in multiplayer activities including 'Table Football' and 'Shoot Off' using their Mii. SPOnG is also rooting for a game called 'keepy-uppy with the wand'.

Ronaldinho seemed pretty chuffed with his character, saying, “My character looks like he enjoys playing football and shares my passion for the game. This is important to me. Whether you are playing football on the pitch or my party games in FIFA 08 on the Wii, it should be a fun and enjoyable experience.”

The game's senior producer, Tim Tschirner, seems similarly chuffed to have him on board, adding “When Ronaldinho steps on to the football pitch, he plays with passion and energy. We’ve brought that same spirit to FIFA 08 on Wii – it is fun, high-energy entertainment the entire family can enjoy.”

EA's calling the Wii control system for the game “Free Motion”, although its not saying a huge amount about it other than, “It's easy to pick-up and play” (shock!) and that there'll be an impressive (tedious?) 30 tutorials to prep you for play.

EA recently unveiled the cover stars for FIFA 08 on other platforms across different territories, showing off some of the prettiest faces in football.

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