MySims: Adorable New Wii Screens

Trolls meet The Mighty Boosh?

Posted by Staff
Nanageddon: The Sims Game.
Nanageddon: The Sims Game.
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Electronic Arts seems to be on a Sims-offensive this week. We've already had the official announcement and first screens from SimCity Societies, now EA has hit us with these new screens for MySims for the Wii.

Looking at the screens, SPOnG is suddenly reminded of Trolls. Anyone remember those? Little dolls? Big hair? These Sims have a striking anatomical resemblance to the little guys, even if their locks don't always fit the bill. Which brings us to the screen on the right, which makes us wonder "what if The Mighty Boosh had made 'Nanageddon' (the goth episode) using Trolls?"

We'll leave you to ponder the question as you peruse the screens below, check out SPOnG's dedicated MySims page, then head over to the Forum to discuss.


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