Darling Brothers Sell Codemasters

Well, what bit of it they still had left anyway

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Darling Brothers Sell Codemasters
Richard and David Darling have sold their remaining 25% shares in Codemasters to venture capital firm Balderton Capital for an undisclosed figure.

A Codemasters rep SPOnG spoke with this morning would not disclose the exact amount that the brothers and their dad cashed out with, though it is thought to run into tens of millions of pounds.

The future looks very bright for Codemasters, which has secured a £50m investment from bankers Goldman Sachs and is set for a £200m-plus flotation during the next year.

The Darlings were amongst the first of the successful wave of bedroom coders in the early 1980s - they went on to found Codemasters back in 1986. They are now filthy rich beyond most people's wildest dreams. SPOnG salutes them.

"For more than 20 years, Jim, David and Richard built Codemasters to become one of the videogame industry's great British success stories; they brought enjoyment to many and made a valuable contribution to the industry as a whole," said Codemasters’ CEO Rod Cousens.

Ynon Kreiz, a general partner of Balderton and Codemasters board member, commented, "Codemasters is now fully funded and ready for its next stage of growth, with a great pipeline of new products and a world-class management in place. We are grateful for the contribution made by Jim, David and Richard and the key role they played to position the company for the future."

Back in April, the company launched The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, the number one selling PC game across Europe and later this month are gearing up for the release of two major titles: Colin McRae: DiRT and fantasy title Overlord.

Codies also has a shiny new logo (pictured right) which, weirdly, feels like it has been the company's corporate moniker for years already.

Apparently the Darling brothers plan to pursue a new project in the games industry, but at this stage they are keeping schtum as to what it is. When we find out, you will be the first to know.


Joji 14 Jun 2007 13:25
Good for them, they've worked hard and made some great games, it's good that they can cash in their chips to try something else.

I hope they are leaving Codemasters in good hands. Seems so with Overlord and CM: Dirt, both cool demos.
Chairman Goodchild 15 Jun 2007 09:38
They deserve tens of millions for the Dizzy games on the Amstrad alone. Hail the Darlings!
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