Bravo! Call Of Duty 3 Maps Out

Even more stuff to destroy!

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Bravo! Call Of Duty 3 Maps Out
The Bravo Map Pack for Call of Duty 3, adding five multiplayer maps is now available to download from Xbox Live at a cost of 800 points.

Three new maps are included:

"The Axis-held hilltop fortress" at Aller Haut.
"The quiet, moonlit village on the foggy Seine River".
"Rimling, a small picturesque town filled with canals."

Two revamps are also included in the form of Gare Central (adapted from the Depot map in the PC version of Call of Duty); and Marseilles, "inspired by Call of Duty: United Offensive on PC.

The download is around 950 MB. And, according to Activision, "if you're not sure on whether to shell out the money, you can always look for the trailer demonstrating the maps on Live Marketplace."

Activision has also confirmed that the fourth game in the Call of Duty series will appear on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Unlike the previous instalments it will take place in current times, hence the name Modern Warfare, and it will make use of all the technical garb and coordinated attacks unheard of back in World War II.


hollywooda 1 Jun 2007 11:26
Glad to hear the series is moving away from WWII, we all love shooting germans but enough is enough..... ok, maybe one more germany then.
Kena 3 Jan 2009 05:51
How do I get the jeep to drive in reverse? I can go forward but I don't no how to reverse.
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