Warhammer Website Goes Live

Beta registration now open

Posted by Staff
Image from Warhammer website
Image from Warhammer website
GOA has launched its website for the upcoming Warhammer Online, which draws its inspiration from the Games Workshop's RPG. Tabletop gaming fans can start waving their Tiff Mallets in excitement.

The site's a bit sparsely populated at the moment, but it does offer the opportunity to register for the European Warhammer beta.

GOA's senior VP, Ghislaine Le Rhun, seems more than a little bit excited the whole thing. ?Opening subscription applications for the closed beta test today is the first step on the road to uniting the whole of Europe in battle,? she said. One of SPOnG's staffers remembers the last time Europe was united in battle, and he assures us that it wasn't as much fun as Call of Duty 3 would have you believe...

For more on Warhammer Online visit SPOnG's dedicated game page. The new website can be found here.


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