Mario Strikers Boosts Nintendo Wi-Fi Service

Wii's first 'proper' online game does the business

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SPOnG’s been thoroughly enjoying the bank holiday rain over the last three days, as it’s given us even more of an opportunity and excuse (not that we need one) to cane the Wii’s first proper online game, Mario Strikers: Charged Football (pictured).

It seems plenty of other eager Wii gamers across Europe have been taking the same opportunity with the game shooting straight in at number three in the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection charts, generating a 20% boost in the use of the NWC service over the bank holiday weekend just gone.

Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl DS games – currently only available in Japan and the US – both continue to top the NWF chart. European Pokemon fans who have not already picked up either game on import, will finally get hold of them when they are released over here later in July.

Pokémon Battle Revolution on Wii, currently only out in Japan, is finally released in the US on June 25th, with a European release date (to be confirmed) soon after.

Top 10 games on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - Saturday 26th May (Total activity 911,854)

1. Pokémon Diamond (269,458 players, Japan/US only)
2. Pokémon Pearl (187,864, Japan/US only)
3. Mario Strikers: Charged Football (151,785, Euro only, Wii)
4. Animal Crossing: Wild World (68,100)
5. Mario Kart DS (59,083)
6. Metroid: Prime Hunters (39,700)
7. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (21,115, Japan only)
8. Jump! Ultimate Stars (20,484, Japan only)
9. Pokémon Battle Revolution (13,003, Japan only, Wii)
10. Tetris DS (12,377)

You can check out SPOnG's review of Mario Strikers: Charged Football here to find out why we are so taken with Mario's lovely little online arcade knock-about.

Source: Pocket Gamer


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