Smash Bros. Dojo Goes Live: New Teasers

Music gives the game away?

Posted by Staff
The official website for the Wii-bound Super Smash Bros. Brawl, dubbed Dojo, has been relaunched with a handful of tantalising teasers.

Although the site's sparse in terms of official new information, the list of composers involved makes for interesting reading. Joining Nintendo's own Koji Kondo of Mario and Zelda fame are Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts series), Akihiro Honda (Metal Gear Solid), Jun Fukuda and Masafumi Takada (Killer 7), Tomoko Sasaki (NiGHTS).

Speaking about the list, Masahiro Sakurai, the game's director, said, ?This is dangerous. It's a little risky... We've asked our group of arrangement supervisors to listen to an elite selection of Nintendo music and asked them to arrange several of their favourite songs.?

Of course, contrary to Sakurai's specification of ?Nintendo?, the more sensationalist among us might want to string the facts together for a touch of speculation. We've got Akihiro Honda, the maestro behind Metal Gear Solid 4 on board, and Snake appearing in the game. Is it such a stretch, then, to presume that perhaps, say, Yoko Shimomura's involvement could mean we'll see some Square Enix characters popping up?

Or, even better, could Tomoko Sasaki's involvement mean we'll see Sega characters turn up? Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is less than seven months away, after all...

One thing that might be of concern is that the American and Japanese websites both show a release date of 2007 for Smash Bros., while the European site is noticeably bereft of any detail in that department.

Beyond the list of attached musicians, the site features a gameplay guide, a poorly populated level guide (it has one level), and the screens below. You can see the site (and listen to a snatch of the game's musical score) here.

As ever, more screens and information on Smash Bros. Brawl can be found on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


realvictory 22 May 2007 18:10
If it does have all these characters in, that is probably going to be the one thing that makes this version amazing.
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