Major UK Gaming Centre Opening Soon - Details Inside

New ?Immense'o'Gaming? centre opens in Birmingham

Posted by Staff
SPOnG has known about the new, ?Immense'o'Gaming? centre Omega Sektor, for some time now. Though we?ve been patiently waiting on the nod from the organisers to tell you more about it. Now we can.

It?s basically a massive interactive entertainment centre opening up in the centre of good old Birmingham in late June - just in time to give the retiring Mr Tony Blair a chance to claim it as part of his legacy. Yes! You read that right! Something good that?s happening in the world of videogames outside of the M25.

Not to worry our cocker-nee friends out there though, as the guys behind the Brum centre also have plans to open a similar mega-gaming centre in London later this year. More on that soon.

So, what is Omega Sektor? It?s billed as a ?state of the art centre is set to usher in the 21st Century of arcade style gaming, providing a casual yet high-tech social experience for all ages and abilities. The centre will also offer music, movies, an internet café and other entertainment areas.?

The centre is kitted out with 400 high-spec PCs with LAN and online play, as well as a bunch of dedicated Xbox 360s, Wiis and PS3 zones.

This is far from a traditional LAN gaming centre though, as the organisers want to attract the casual gaming crowd in, as well as the Counter-Strike hardcore.

?Visitors who need to give those trigger fingers a rest can socialise with likeminded new acquaintances and friends alike in Omega Sektor?s comfy chill out areas. Equipped with MP3 players and HD displays showing all the latest films and trailers, they act as the perfect staging ground to your next joystick assisted virtual assaults!?

Omega Sektor director and professional gamer Sujoy Roy adds, ?Omega Sektor will help build communities with key gaming competitions and tournaments taking place frequently at the centre and a rankings system, which will be hosted on the website.?

SPOnG will be paying Brum?s Omega Sektor a visit in the coming weeks to bring you the full lowdown on what promises to be a major new focus for the UK?s gamers and videogame industry.


Joji 10 May 2007 16:47
Good move, Sujoy. Let's hope all kinds of people use it, not just chav types with limited vocab laced in f words. Gaming competitions and tournaments, that's the kind of thing we need over here.

I'll have to check out the London one too. Any idea when it opens?
zoydwheeler 10 May 2007 17:04
Yeh, it's a really bold move. I cannot wait to see it for myself. Though I do wonder if British teens and adults will be willing to shell out to play videogames outside of their own homes.

The tournaments and leagues and stuff will no doubt attract the hardcore, but what about those oh-so-difficult-to-pin-down casual gamers.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of things they do to attract them in - as I suspect that is going to be the make or break factor here.
DC 10 May 2007 22:58
Bring it to Leeds and I "might" have a look, other than that, I have all I need at home.
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