Code07 News: Race Driver One

‘One world, one thousand races, one champion’

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Code07 News: Race Driver One
Codemasters’ superlative racing series, formerly known as the TOCA/ TOCA Race Driver series in the UK is being given a major make-over for 2008, being renamed Race Driver One.

Race Driver One was pitched to the gathered press at the superb Code07 event earlier this week as “a true evolution for the 8-million+ selling motorsport series” now entering it’s third generation.

As with the forthcoming Colin McRae: DIRT, Race Driver One is set to make use of Codies’ own proprietary Neon engine, the middleware system which - according to the blurb - provides "a previously unseen level of incredible detail within a driving game".

Race Driver One is certainly an ambitious concept, as Codies informed us that it will “take players on a tour like never before; to beautifully realised racing locations through Europe, the US, Japan and beyond,” plus it is set to feature, “the most extensive range of events in the series, combining official circuit-based championships with road races and urban street competitions.”

Codemaster’s very own driving game genius (yes, actual genius - he's the guy behind TOCA Race Driver 3 to name but one) Gavin Raeburn, says of Race Driver One:

“As each generation of gaming formats shifts up a gear, so does this series and Race Driver One is set to evolve the previously headlined TOCA (DTM/V8) titles as much as DIRT has the Colin McRae series… Combining our racing heritage with the Neon engine, Race Driver One will create a world that goes far beyond the traditional boundaries of motorsport gaming, taking players from the most prestigious race circuits to road and street events around the globe."

Raeburn added, "A completely fresh career structure will engage players in an unprecedented range of racing styles as they build a team capable of becoming number one. The Neon engine will be expanded to deliver a new level of visual detail, physics and an astonishing car damage system.”

All exciting sounding hype from a man who does have the experience to know. We await the preview code with our gear sticks twitching.

Let us know what you think of the name, the concept and ‘the end of TOCA’ in the Forum.


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