Spidey?s Filthy Green Nemesis In New Video Here

'Hobgoblin' Spiderman 3 trailer right here, right now

Posted by Staff
SPOnG loves Spidey, as we've just been reminded by the latest Spiderman 3 videogame trailer just in from Activision, right here.

We love him so much that if we were to bump into the weirdo evil flying, err, thingumy creature that is the Green Goblin in a lift, for example, we would do a little silent-but-deadly fart and really let him have it. That?s right, we show NO FEAR when it comes to uber-powerful supervillains.

We cannot wait to give him a good going over this summer when we finally get to play Activision?s Spiderman 3 - the latest game of the film of the TV series of the comic.

Spiderman 3 entreats us to enjoy its free-form gameplay, swinging like a funny spider-poisoned mad monkey on MDMA around New York City battling it out with the evil green nemesis.

Check the Spiderman 3 video right below these very words.



Joji 11 Apr 2007 14:46
Looks really good. Are these 360 or PS3 graphics?
zoydwheeler 11 Apr 2007 15:28
it's 'next gen' an Activision PR man just told me... suppose they want to remain as platform-agnostic as they can on such things
crs117 11 Apr 2007 17:11
here is an idea...

remember in some old video games you could trek into areas that where well beyond your current capabilities or you could go to previous places where the game was easy (most games still provide this), but it made you feel a feeling of accomplishment as you could actually see your self progressing to play the harder areas...most games now progress with difficulty as you get more powerful and you never feel as though you have become the super power you are supposed to feel like...thats one of the things that sucks in games these days (especially big rpgs).

one of the best examples of this was ...yes friday the 13th for the nes. sure the game sucked but you never knew when jason was going to show up on the screen regardless of what weapons or power ups you had...in many instances your only option was to run away and it was pretty freaky.

hell jaws on the nes did this too and yes you could beat jaws just with the basic stuff...but it took a hell of a long time if you didnt have the submarine...

i guess what i am saying is it would be cool as hell if the main bad guys would randomly show up and you could see how powerful you where against them early in the game (get your ass tore up) and then see how you have progressed both in tactile game skill and actual power ups as you randomly face them later in the game. i think games have gotten too cinematographic when it comes to boss battles. thing is ever experience in fighting the boss is the same...with everybody and its rather boring after a while.
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