Geometry Wars Maker Creates Fireworks On Xbox Live

Bizarre makes its Live Arcade reappearance

Posted by Staff
Boom Boom Rocket from developer Bizarre, the makers of Geometry Wars, is released on Xbox Live Arcade today.

Rhythm-based gameplay and pretty lights are what it's all about. Players must trigger fireworks displays as they move through a 3D cityscape. The better your timing the more spectacular the results. But remember kids, this game should in no way be seen as encouragement to fire rockets through your elderly neighbour's letter box!

Boom Boom Rocket features two single player modes (normal and speed), two multiplayer modes (battle and endurance) as well as practice and freestyle options. As usual 12 unlockable Achievements and 200 gamerscore points are up for grabs.

Microsoft seems to be all for offbeat psychedelic releases on its download service of late. Lumines Live! got its release last October, while SPOnG keeps causing disturbances in the street as we find ourselves unable to contain our excitement at the upcoming Space Giraffe from Jeff Minter.

Boom Boom Rocket is published by EA and will set you back 800 Microsoft Points (6.80).


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