Sensi Soccer ? One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made?

Online, multiplayer version finally out on XBLA. Soon baby, soon!

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Sensi Soccer – One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made?
SPOnG informed you early last week that Sensible World of Soccer was one of the top ten most influential games ever ? at least, according to some list compiled by clever clogs academic and Stanford professor Henry Lowood - curator of the History of Science and Technology Collections at that leading Ivy League University, no less.

You may well agree or disagree with the Prof?s top ten. In fact, the chances are you will have a few disagreements (we did!). However, we can agree (or at least most of us here can!) that Sensible World of Soccer should certainly be up there in the all-time hall of gaming fame.

Which reminded us that there is an Xbox Live Arcade version featuring online play, high def visual enhancements and other shiny, modern updates due late Summer.

So we immediately picked up the phone for a quick chinwag with Codemasters Online Gaming bossman, David Solari, who informed us that, ?Yep, it?s going to be the first, official online multiplayer version of Sensi for home console, which we?re all quite excited about,? he told us.

Yep, we?re all quite excited over here too Mr.Solari!

David reminisced fondly, ?I remember the days ? and nights - of playing Sensi endlessly back at college and we?re sure the updated Xbox Live Arcade and PC versions due later in the summer are going to appeal to both old and new fans.?

He added, "We think it's important to stay true to the original and we'll be delivering what fans of the original SWOS have been eagerly waiting for years, SWOS online multiplayer!"

We are also informed to look out for some ?very interesting new multiplayer elements? which Codemasters will be telling us much more about in the coming months.


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