Nintendo Wiis All At Sea

That?s where they?ve all gone?

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Wii Ahoy!
Wii Ahoy!
A company called Norwegian Cruise Liners is touting the fact that you can now go to sea and stay indoors while punching the lights out of someone else ? legally.

NCL tells the world that, ?Wii systems are currently on NCL?s newest ship ? Norwegian Pearl ? and all NCL America ships. Wii will be rolled out on the rest of the NCL fleet by next month.

?The systems are equipped with Wii Sports, offering five distinct sports experiences: tennis, golf, baseball, boxing and bowling. Other games available on the ships include Wii Play, WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Excite Truck?.

George Harrison, Nintendo of America?s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications says, ?Millions of people around the world continue to discover the fun of playing Wii with their friends and families.?

OK, we really want George to be related to Sony?s head of worldwide studios Phil just for the family arguments over Christmas dinner. More importantly, maybe George can now tell us how millions of people in the UK who are desperate for a Wii, can get hold of one without having to go to sea?

Wiis are being set up onboard the ships in with huge video screens (see pic).


Hypnotoad 2 Apr 2007 01:45
Wow! How boring.
Rod Todd 2 Apr 2007 04:20
Hypnotoad wrote:
Wow! How boring.

With comments that witty and incisive, are you sure you wouldn't be better of at UK Resistance?

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