Sonic & Mario: Miyamoto is “Heavily Involved”

Miyamoto blesses the team-up

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Sonic & Mario: Miyamoto is “Heavily Involved”
Following the advent of flying pigs yesterday with the announcement of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto's involvement in the 'project that fanboy dreams are made of' has been confirmed.

Sega of America president, Simon Jeffery, said,

“Mr. Miyamoto is very heavily involved in the overall direction of the game, the gameplay mechanics, at an executive producer sort of level. He's looking at every milestone, he's giving up suggestions and directions, and Perrin Kaplan actually told us yesterday that his involvement is way more than a lot of normal Nintendo games. And his blessing is really quite a landmark for a game like this that's being built outside of Nintendo itself.”

Upon hearing this SPOnG dropped to its knees in thanks. While the game was never going to be a rush job, Olympics-based titles have never had the best pedigree. Miyamoto's involvement, however, is mightily encouraging from a gameplay perspective.

Perhaps we shouldn't have worried, however. Addressing concerns about Olympic video games, Jeffrey said,

“The game will play very differently from those traditional, standard Olympics style games, and we think that will open up whole new areas of sports on the Wii and the DS that will take advantage of both the gameplay styles of the Sonic games and the Mario games as well.”

And for those of you screaming 'They can't put Sonic and Mario in a foot race!' your concerns are shared. Nintendo of America's senior VP of marketing, George Harrison, said, “I am a little concerned about Sonic's speed when he's racing Mario in a footrace, so we'll have to see how we can equalize that.”

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Svend Joscelyne 29 Mar 2007 14:35
I can see it now. Shadow holding Yoshi at gunpoint behind the scenes:
"Don't-do-the high jump."

Mario can always toss a few turtles Sonic's way. That'd really be cheating though. But hey, Sonic's unnaturally fast.

News at SPOnG: Mario fails drugs test for 100m race.

The game's also being made by SEGA's sports dept instead of Sonic Team themselves doing it. This strange game might actually turn out to be something dreams are made of.

Well, mine anyway.
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