System 3?s Italian Job ? Ferrari Good Show

PS3 title from industry stalwarts?

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System 3’s Italian Job – Ferrari Good Show
System 3 ? a company with nearly as much history as a legendary Italian car maker (remember Death Star Interceptor on the Spectrum?) is teaming up with, well, legendary Italian car maker, Ferrari.

The UK-based games maker has announced that it?s signed up the rights for Ferrari Challenge for PS3, Wii, DS and PSP.

System 3 top-man, Mark Cale, told SPOnG, "This is the biggest project I've been involved with in my 25 years in the industry. Ferrari are not just the licensor here, they are the inspiration and the result will be a game genuinely worthy of their marque."

According to the (now) Ferrari-partner, that the game, based on the Ferrari Challenge series, will feature real cars, real tracks and true Ferrari racing dynamics.

?The launch platform for Ferrari Challenge is the PlayStation 3 and the game has been developed to maximise the technology in the new console format such as a 16-player feature rich simultaneous online mode with elements not yet seen in any race game to-date. The PSP and DS versions will feature 4-player wireless play including adhoc play and game share and the Wii version will fully support the unique control system offered by this system, including control by a Wii steering-wheel.?

?The racing game genre has always be one of the most successful genres in video gaming accounting for 12% of all games sold. Ferrari is a top brand in the world making the combination a perfect match.

?The first preview of the Ferrari Challenge game by the international press will be held on June 23rd at the home of Ferrari, Maranello, Italy and will coincide with the finale of Ferrari?s 60-year celebrations throughout which System 3 has been a major sponsor. The celebration tour started in Abu Dhabi in January and is set to traverse fifty countries before concluding at the Ferrari factory and the Ferrari home test circuit, Fiorano.

?Details of further titles from System 3 including Ferrari Street Racer, featuring the whole range of Ferrari? cars will also be announced at the event. ?

And Ferrari itself seems pleased with the deal, with Ferrari?s Katia Bassi, Head of Licensing saying, ?Mark has been a highly valued customer of Ferrari for over twenty years during which time we have developed a special relationship including System 3 becoming a sponsor of our 60th birthday anniversary road tour and celebrations. We know that the Ferrari Challenge is in good hands as Mark himself is an experienced Challenge series driver, giving him a unique insight into translating the technical aspects of our engineering to the medium of video games?.

Stay with SPOnG for more Tifosi-related news, as System 3 exclusively told us that it will be making further announcements next month.



RiseFromYourGrave 16 Mar 2007 18:42
interesting, the ds needs more (good) racing games so i liked readign that.

but please, f-zero ds, for the love of g*d, f-zero ds.
LUPOS 16 Mar 2007 19:16
RiseFromYourGrave wrote:
interesting, the ds needs more (good) racing games so i liked readign that.

but please, f-zero ds, for the love of g*d, f-zero ds.

Just a direct port of the 64 version and i would be please as a pig that doesn't have a steak run through my ass hole... or however that saying goes.

The death match was fun for hours.
RiseFromYourGrave 17 Mar 2007 08:08
yeah, f-zero x is my favourite in the series. a direct port of that would rock my balls, but to make it that much sweeter maybe they could also add tracks from other f-zero games, making it some kind of ultimate f-zero compilation, a bit like mario kart ds.

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