Spider-Man 3: New Trailer!

New DS details

Posted by Staff
Activision's released a new trailer for its upcoming movie spin-off Spider-Man 3. SPOnG's got Spidey in all his friendly neighbourhood glory for your enjoyment.

To go with the trailer Activision's also released some new information about Spidey's DS outing. Thankfully it looks like it won't be a bizarre mash of puzzles a la Superman Returns. The gameplay's based around classic side-scrolling with a dash of 3D.

The game will use the DS's touchscreen to control Spidey, but exactly how is unclear. It will also make use of the handheld's wireless capabilities to allow two players to go head to head. SPOnG's got the first screens below.

Things have been a bit quiet around Spider-Man 3. With most movie licenses SPOnG wouldn't care, since this sort of stuff seems to get vomited up by developers at a rate of knots. Acitvision's track record with the likes of Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man, however, has been (dare we say it) amazing. We're glad to see that this one's not going to slip by the wayside.

Spider-Man 3's due out on May 4th.


RiseFromYourGrave 15 Mar 2007 12:15
does look good, as does the film. the ds version however, i wont hold my breath.
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