FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: New Screens!

All the wholesale destruction you can handle

Posted by Staff
Anything with the words 'Ultimate' and 'Carnage' in the title is okay in SPOnG's book. An instalment in the FlatOut series is likely to be worth a look too. So, when we found these new screens for Empire Interactive's FlatOut Ultimate Carnage waiting for us in the SPOnG newsroom this morning the excitement was almost audible.

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is the series' first next-generation outing and developer Bugbear Entertainment is promising to up the ante from FlatOut 2 for the 360; it's upped the number of cars on the track from eight to twelve, to start with. That's (count 'em) four new cars to mash up! Bugbear also tells us that there will be five new single-player modes as well as two new multiplayer modes that use Xbox Live.

FlatOut 2 caused quite a stir when it was released in June last year. It sold upwards of a million copies and beat out the likes of Need For Speed: Carbon to win the award for 'Best Racing Game of 2006? at G4?s X-Play games show.

If we're completely honest, however, it was the sheer bonnet-crunching, fender-bending goodness of the series' last game that has SPOnG excited to see Bugbear has to offer in Ultimate Carnage.

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is due out in June.


Joji 15 Mar 2007 14:27
Looks cool. I'm gonna have to check out this Flat Out series, since news of Burnout Dominator is already turning me off it, after Burnout Takedown and Revenge tunred me on. No traffic checking, oh dear there goes the fun.

Empire are doing a lot to try to match or co-exist with Criterion's efforts and fairplay to them. In the end I might have to pick them both Burnout and FlatOut UC up, purely for the Live play access.
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