You Get To Kill Cliffy B

Gears fest with Cliffy and his team for Europe!

Posted by Staff
The chaps at Epic and Microsoft have just let the world know that Developer Showdown event ? 7pm to 9pm (GMT) on Saturday 24th February ? could be your chance to frag members of the Gears of War development team, Epic.

?Xbox and Epic are inviting Xbox Live gamers across Europe to test their skills playing Gears of War against Epic Games, the developer of the game! From, the Epic team, led by Lead Designer Cliffy B and Vice President Mark Rein, will be taking on gamers from the 5 million strong Xbox Live global community.

?The battles will take place on the Old Bones and Raven Down maps, both available now for free download on Xbox Live Marketplace. Gamers who want to take part just have to add any of the GamerTags below to their Friends List (please note that Cliffy B and Mark Rein will be playing in most games.?

And that GamersTag list in full is?

Mark Rein, Vice President - EPICEMEAMR
Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer - EPICEMEACB
Rod Fergusson, Producer - EPICEMEARF
Lee Perry, Lead Level Designer - EPICEMEALP
Jim Brown, Level Designer - EPICEMEAJB
Dave Nash, Level Designer - EPICEMEADN
Ray Davis, Lead Programmer - EPICEMEARD
Joe Graf, Programmer - EPICEMEAJG
Rob McLaughlin, Programmer - EPICEMEARM
Pete Hayes, Artist - EPICEMEAPH
Additional Epic Staff - EPICEMEA01


Joji 21 Feb 2007 15:01
Damn, this is gonna be wicked. Can't wait to warm up my chainsaw for their chests.

Hey people on GoW, now might be a good time to dish out your gamertags. Add em here if you need to.
LUPOS 21 Feb 2007 16:09
Lupos again if anyone cares. Not that I have time to play these days anyway :/

Also if you add me or anyone else for that matter a message would be nice to help keep track of who's who.

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