Harvest Moon DS Out This Easter

Sowing the seeds of handheld love this April

Posted by Staff
Sometimes, when we tire of living our lives virtually on the internet and going gradually (more) boss-eyed from staring at too many different screens, SPOnG dreams of packing it all in and getting ?a proper job? like a carpenter... or a farmer.

Then we stop daydreaming and realise that there?s no need for us to exert the excessive physical toil required for the minimum wages that those jobs offer ? not when you can be a pretend farmer on Nintendo?s Harvest Moon DS, the touchy-feely, touch-screen-controlled farming sim that's finally out in the UK release on April 13th - unlucky for the farming community!

If you are unclear about what Harvest Moon DS then check out SPOnG?s game page ? very basically, you play a young farmer who has just moved to Forget-Me-Not-Valley to run your own farm. You have to tend to the flocks, cultivate your own seed variants into the best produce available, explore different locations, hunt for hidden treasure or even fish in the river.

You?ll also need to tend your livestock and hang out with the villagers, chatting to them and giving them presents. Strangely, however, you don't spend enormous amounts of your time moaning about the European Union, selecting shot guns, and pretending that you wouldn't bite the arm of a major corporation if it gave you the opportunity to grow rape seed crossbred with cod to create some 'Frankenstein' food!

Harvest Moon DS is both highly addictive and, in typical Nintendo fashion, barking mad. Running a successful farm means you also release the Harvest Goddess and Harvest Sprites from the world that the Witch Princess has transported them to, who then help you with your daily farming tasks, and in return, leave you with more time to sit back and relax.


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