Rare to Resurrect Jetpac on Live Arcade

No need to dust off that Spectrum after all

Posted by Staff
Oh sweet nostalgia.

Those of you who were proud owners of a Spectrum, a Vic-20 or an Acorn Electron back in the day will of course remember the wonder that was Jetpac from Ultimate Play The Game.

Ultimate was of course an earlier incarnation of Tim and Chris Stamperís legendary Rare Studio and itís good to hear that (the now Microsoft-owned) Rare are to be making their debut on Xbox Live Arcade by resurrecting JetPac for the want-it-now downloadable high definition Xbox Live grommets. How do we know? The new version, called JetPac Refuelled was registered at the German software ratings board USK on February 6.

If you are younger than us, and thus cannot remember the early 1980s due to not existing at the time, then you might want to check out SPOnGís original game page on the old Speccie version of Jetpac, to get a flavour of what the game is about.

We await further details beyond the title and the fact that itís an XBLA game. When Microsoft deigns to give them to us, we will pass them onto you. This is how it works, see.


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