New TOCA Screens!

Codemasters' new racer changes gear for launch

Posted by Staff
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The launch of TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge is only a couple of weeks away now, so SPOnG's got you some new screens to get you revved up.

TOCA sticks you smack bang in the middle of a pack of stupidly powerful cars and sends you on your way. The heart of this PSP-exclusive release is the new World Challenge, according to Codemasters. It takes players through five different tiers and (predictably) around the world.

The thing that has SPOnG in a state of mild salivation is the multi-player option that allows up to (count 'em) 12 players to go head to head. If only SPOnG had 12 friends…

Anyway, you didn't click the link to see what we have to say about the game. There's more about it on SPOnG's dedicated page. Now look at the screens!

For a video of the game in action you can click here.


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