Virtua Fighter 5 Website Launches

Get excited already

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Wanna a fight then, eh? Caaaaam on! I'll have youse all!
Wanna a fight then, eh? Caaaaam on! I'll have youse all!
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Sega fanboys go all misty-eyed at the mere mention of Virtua Fighter 5. It?s like they?re being reminded of a beautiful dream or a bittersweet memory of a long-lost love. It really is something.

You can see more about why they do this at the newly launched official Virtua Fighter 5 website, which is packed to the gills with content.

The site includes pretty much everything from a game information section describing all the aspects of Virtua Fighter 5 to a detailed character section explaining everything there is to know about fighters old and new. Plus all the latest movies, wallpapers, icons and whatnot to, according to Sega,??prove the undeniable beauty of Virtua Fighter 5.?

If you are new to the series, in order to avoid the sneers of long-term fanboys you can also brush up on your Virtua Fighter knowledge via the history section on the site.

For the complete up-to-date info and everything else on the game itself you can also check SPOnG?s dedicated of Virtua Fighter 5 page.

The official Virtua Fighter 5 website is can be reached here.


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