Code Input Cards For Spectrobes

Buena Vista gets clever

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Buena Vista has announced some nifty new features for its upcoming DS title Spectrobes. In addition to the wireless features you've come to expect from the DS, the game will also feature a code input system that uses the touch-screen.

The system will enable players to access new content by purchasing trading cards from games retailers. We'll let Buena Vista describe it to you:

'Once players unlock the special ability in the game, they can fit a code input card over the Nintendo DS touch screen and use the stylus to consecutively tap numerical holes in the cards, unlocking new content, which includes creatures and minerals. Along with inclusion in game packages, additional trading cards will be available after the game's release.'

SPOnG had a quick word with Buena Vista about the new system who told us, "We actually applied for the patent last year. The reason we haven't said anything about it is that it's taken this long for the patent to come through."

The cards will come packaged individually but will be tradable. Initially the content they unlock will be contained within the game, but as more cards are introduced the content will be delivered via the wireless network.

If you have a scary memory you may remember something similar coming out for the GBA waaayyyy back in 2002 in Japan. That was the E-Reader. But where the E-Reader provided entire NES games to be played the emphasis here is elsewhere. Buena Vista hope to prompt players to engage with the title (and each other) like they would with a collectible card game such as Pokemon.

For more on the game itself mosey on over to SPOnG's Spectrobes page.


Wilfred 10 Nov 2007 14:16
I was wanting to get some more spectrobe cards for my son but cannot find where to get them. Can you help me? Patty
FRANK POSTMA 10 Dec 2009 18:07
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axel 2 Jul 2010 00:23


3124KFN - Tamazoa [Child] (Flash)
4213RGN - Mugon [Child] (Flash)
2341AJG - Shimainu [Child] (Corona)
1432IOB - Azenor Cacti [Adult] (Corona) {Azebarb, Attack}
3124MPC - Pagoni Talos [Adult] (Flash) {Pagosnap, Attack}
2341AIH - Leozar Dragos [Evolved] (Corona) {Leowin, Defense}
4213LFP - Dendama Spiko [Adult] (Aurora) {Denring, Defense}
1432DLA - Kibetekka Empra [Unique] (Flash) {Kibahelm, Defense}
4213GBM - Bakuraiya Wolve [Unique] (Aurora) {Bakuclaw, Attack}
3124APE - Isadora Slizo [Unique] (Flash) {Izadicer, Attack}
4213FMS - Pinska [Adult] (Corona/Dark)
2341CFS - Evolve B (Mineral), Instantly gives a Spectrobe the number of battles it needs to evolve.
1432FGO - Evolve L (Mineral), Instantly gives a Spectrobe the levels it needs to evolve.
2341HPB - ATK Seed (Mineral), Raises a Spectrobe's ATK.
1432CLS - DEF Seed (Mineral), Raises a Spectrobe's DEF.
4213AFJ - HP Seed (Mineral), Raises a Spectrobe's Max HP.
3124MOG - Metalium (Mineral) x 5, Titanium (Mineral) x 5, Marble (Mineral) x 5 [All used for making parts for the Patrol Cruiser]
1432FQJ - Marine Cruiser Set
1432BDJ - Cosmo Blaster (Blaster) [ATK 130, Single-shot, Non-tracking, Explosive]
3124MHG - Lab system upgrade, grants 4 more incubator rooms.
3124CRG-new ship color
1432JOB-Anuberos boomer
3124MPC - Pagoni Talos [Adult] (Flash) {Pagosnap, Attack}
4213LFP - Dendama Spiko [Adult] (Aurora) {Denring, Defense}
axel 2 Jul 2010 00:26
geos need game comleated axel vts peace out no wate war out im no hippy
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