A New Wii Remote?

The rumour mill grinds on

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A New Wii Remote?
Rumours are circulating that a new Wii Remote is in the works over at Nintendo.

German news site GameFront reports (in a manner that's no doubt more fluent in German than in this translation):

"The revised remote maintenance is to be more easily, possess a better pavement grip and rechargeable its - Nintendo did not confirm the assumptions of the Game Labo."

According to GameLabo, the Japanese site that aired the rumours, the new remote will hit Japan in summer.

SPOnG contacted Nintendo for the official line on the rumours and the response was a (not unexpected) "no comment". All of the above features would be nice additions to the Wii Remote. SPOnG, however, is a little dubious. For one, a charger for the Wii Remote has already been unveiled at CES courtesy of third party peripherals manufacturer Nyko.

Also, Nintendo already offered up new straps for the remote while stating that there's no real flaw in the originals. Those don't seem like the actions of a company that's too concerned about its remote flying from gamers' hands.

Add in the amount of time that Nintendo's clearly spent thinking about its control system and it's not massively likely that they're going back to the drawing board now.

The other Wii rumour doing the rounds is that a version of Firefox is going to be made available for the Wii. Blogger GamingFreak claims this information came directly from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. As the blog fails to cite any source, however, it should be treated with suspicion to say the least. Which isn't to say that a Wii Firefox browser wouldn't be nice?


Joji 24 Jan 2007 15:53
Wii Firefox, that's good. Seems a more reasonable option than Opera, but it'd be nice to have both.
majin dboy 24 Jan 2007 16:29
recharable mote would be nice.
realvictory 25 Jan 2007 01:21
I don't know if it's really worth redesigning the Wii remote, simply to make it rechargable - you just need a rechargeable battery and a charger. There's not a lot else they could do with the Wii remote to improve it, in my opinion - you have to keep it compatible with the old one at the same time, so they could change the appearance, and shape slightly. The other possible thing is, making a completely new peripheral, that doesn't actually replace the original, but what does the Wii remote not do that it should? The only thing I can think of is making a classic controller which is properly wireless.

Also, Firefox would be a bit pointless, because Opera is perfectly good enough. On the PC, I prefer Opera to Firefox. If they made the current browser a bit more like the PC version, it would be perfect - considering you only use it on your TV anyway.
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