Dead or Alive Creator on ?Butt Battling?

It's all down to cultural differences apparently

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Team Ninja?s filth-fest, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (the follow-up to Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball) released on Xbox 360 late last year, although you may have missed it, in the Gears of War-dominated rush to own Christmas.

The series? creator, Tomonobu Itakagi is Rock?n?Roll - or, at least, he seems to think he is, with his creased leather jerkin and his well-documented heavy drinking and his general ?tude (man!).

What is clear and not up for any kind of debate is that he likes boobies, so much so that he pretty much invented the entire specialist area of games development known as ?breast modelling?, much to the joy of teenage boys with Xboxs worldwide.

1Up managed to grab Itagaki for a quick chat about all things Dead or Alive in which he predictably said he was happy with the (sluggish) sales of the game, that low to average review scores didn?t phase him and that it was all about pleasing the fans. And so on.

Perhaps the most telling and funniest remark Itagaki makes is highlighting the cultural differences between both the inspiration behind and the reception of the game in Japan and the US, telling the interviewer:

I think that there is a bit of misunderstanding in terms of the smaller mini-games, like the Butt Battle and Tug-Of-War. This is all kind of coming from a ... tradition if you will... a series of TV shows in Japan where you had bikini models, athletic competition where you'd have bikini models doing those kinds of things. It's almost kind of a joke, a throwback to that, something to make you laugh. And so, maybe in the U.S. there wasn't that kind of TV show, that kind of culture, so maybe people sit down and looked at those mini-games and studied them seriously as a real game, but that really wasn't our intention when we put them in.

Itakagi also goes on to talk at length about swimsuits (which he likes, evidently) and cheating on Xbox Live (which he hates). When probed about PS3 and Wii he has the following to add:

?There's no launch titles that create within me an urge to search all over Tokyo to find a PS3 so I can play them?.The only thing I've seen running on a PS3 is [Team Ninja title] Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

Thankfully I was able to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii, I got one the day before yesterday and I bought all of the Nintendo launch titles, and I'm playing them right now? I haven't gotten my hands on Zelda yet, but I've been playing Wii Sports lately. The problem is if I start playing Zelda I'm not going to get any work done, so I have to be careful when I start that.?


Joji 23 Jan 2007 14:45
Respect to him for putting fans first. While DOA: EV series might be a real fanboys kind of game, I and many others are aware of the cclear cultural differences at play in the game.

You'd never see this kind of game from the u.s because they have a problem with female nipples (you can't be aroused by them, they are only for feeding rugrats apparently) and such. The fear mongers would brand it sexist while taking it too and forget the foreign culture part.

Considering all that, DOA:EV was a very brave game to make and publish outside of japan. Playing the original was reasonable fun too. I'll have to track down this new one.

Cheers Tecmo, you should have your own Burger King like ad for your games. I AM MAN! Lol.
OptimusP 23 Jan 2007 16:56
I wonder when he will be allowed to make a Dead or Alive CG-movie...three hours of mesmerizing...physics at works!
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vault 13 24 Jan 2007 02:48
I hate this man, he's cocky without having anything to back it up. If he would just admit his DOA games are just an oggle/wank fest, we'd all sleep much happier.
Joji 24 Jan 2007 16:29
Paint the games as whatever. I think its great in todays ever growing pc world, that we get someone who's honest about the T&A in his games, and the games aint' bad either.

Take it with a pinch of salt, Vault. Tecmo are atleast exacting some standards, whereas if you recall the XXX BMX game, or whatever it was called, which went too far with totally nude female characters.

An oggle/wank fest? Lol, no more than more popular fair like FHM, Zoo, Nuts and Maxim. Its just a matter of choice, buy, read or play what suits you.
vault 13 25 Jan 2007 00:59
No he DOES hide the fact. DOA and DOAXVB pose as real games but they constantly tout the realistic physics (read:better breasts) and lighting and total polygons. I remember one interview They asked about the ommitance of virtual nipples. Another about how the "girls" are like his daughters. I know they've got different values, views, and customs over in that country. But instead of trying to explain himself, he should just let the game speak for itself. I admit they are fun. And by fun, I mean he is trying to make a quality game with obvious T & A. Which is fine. But if a game is good, people will see that, reviews will show that. I'll even admit, if I couldn't readily get free porn, I'd think about buying one of his games. I just don't like playing his games, I think they suck sans Ninja Gaiden. I hope that clarifies my opinion.
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