New Sims Line Announced

New range to be story-based

Posted by Staff
EA has just announced a new range of Sims games titled The Sims Stories. The first one, dubbed The Sims Life Stories, will be out on February 9th.

The Sims Life Stories drops players into the shoes of Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore. Both of them are at a similar crossroads in their love lives. The story mode leads players through 12 rom-com based chapters as they manoeuvre their way around the pitfalls of love. Hilarity will ensue, no doubt. Alternatively, if you're worried your partner might see it as infidelity, you'll be able to opt for classic open-ended Sims gameplay.

EA is promising to make the title 'laptop-friendly'. What exactly this means it hasn't said. It looks to SPOnG like an attempt to make further in-roads into the non-traditional games market that the other Sims games have successfully penetrated.

Rod Humble, VP Head of Studio for The Sims Division, said: "Everyone loves a good story. The Sims Life Stories gives players two wonderful romantic comedies to enjoy. For those who are interested in The Sims, The Sims Stories are accessible and fun for everyone."

Following The Sims Life Stories will be The Sims Pet Stories this summer and The Sims Castaway Stories in Winter 2008.

To whet your appetite a bit more, head over to SPOnG's The Sims Life Stories dedicated page.


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