Picture-guide to SSX Blur's Wii Remote Controls

And a radical trailer too. Awesome!

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SPOnG loves snowboarding. We fondly remember the time we went boarding in the French Alps, busted up our ankles and spent most of the boarding holiday holed up in an apartment drinking cheap high-quality Vin de Pays and playing Nintendo’s awesome and, in our opinion, yet to be topped 1080 Snowboarding on the N64. Halycon days!

Until Nintendo announces a new 1080 title for Wii though, we’ll have to make do with EA’s SSX Blur, which we have to say is shaping up to look like it’s going to be a major AAA-Wii title this coming March.

We’ve had Nintendo on the phone earlier today to ask for news on a first-party snowboarding title for Wii. But it cruelly broke our fresh-powder obsessed hearts with the usual knock-back, “nothing has been announced to date…”

So, for now, it’s SSX Blur all the way. We should have a hands on with the game in the coming weeks so watch out for that.

In the meantime check the screens right here (and the trailer – links below) both of which detail the control schemes for SSX Blur.

In EA’s own word, the game is described as follows:

“The huge air, blurring speed and insane tricks that SSX is known for return and the fun-factor is amplified by the unique capability of the Nintendo Wii controller….everything you expect from the franchise, delivered in a totally unexpected way. Revolutionary controls take full advantage of the Wii’s potential by putting you in total command of your skier or rider, on-the-ground & in-the-air, by translating every motion you make into the skills that create mountain legends.

Alex Hyder, producer adds, “We wanted to take the soul of the franchise—the air, the speed, the tricks, the fun—and Wii-ify it..You’re going to see that reflected in the On-the-Ground & In-the-Air controls, the characters, the user interface, and every other aspect of this game.”

Download the trailer now at:
MPEG4 XviD (14.5MB)
Quicktime (13.6MB)
Windows Media (15.9MB)


vault 13 14 Jan 2007 08:00
I hope this brings back the fun of the original and Tricky. I also hope that kiddie looking characters doesn't represent all the riders. I want my Mac attack and the foxy Elisa unchibified!
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