Metal Gear Solid: Extra Content For European PSP Owners

Europeans to get special treatment (sort of)

Posted by Staff
Take that, you pesky midges!
Take that, you pesky midges!
Konami has just announced that European gamers will be treated to bonus Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops content. The European release in April will include content not available in the US or Japanese versions such as additional maps, missions and characters.

We may have to wait until four months after the US and Japanese releases of Konami's stealth-based actioner, but at least we'll get something for our patience. European gamers get 12 new characters, for one. Bearing in mind that recruiting characters and building a team is an important part of the game, new characters are actually a significant boon. We'll also find the careers of existing characters expanded to highlight their key attributes such as brute strength or athleticism.

Another new feature for Europe is the addition of two extra multiplayer maps available via the wireless network, taking the grand total up to ten.

Also announced is the addition of a new 'Boss Battle' feature. This will earn players new recruitable characters after one of the game's more dangerous adversaries is suitably thrashed.

Not a bad offering, all in all. But does it justify waiting until April before we can buy it in European stores? Let us know on the Forum.


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