Hitman the Movie: Where the Hell is Statham?

Timothy Olyphant will play Agent 47

Posted by Staff
Oh, yeah... that bloke from Deadwood really looks like me...
Oh, yeah... that bloke from Deadwood really looks like me...
Vin Diesel has been supplanted by Timothy Olyphant as the star of the upcoming Hitman movie. "Where the hell is Jason Statham?" is what SPOnG wants to know.

Poor old Vin just can't seem to catch a break these days. Heíd been attached as Agent 47 since rumours first started circulating about the film. Now Fox has gone with a slimmer model, with Deadwood's sheriff Seth Bullock, otherwise known as Timothy Olyphant. Timís currently working opposite Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard.

French director, Luc Besson, has also just been attached as co-producer to the movie version of Eidosís killer franchise. Besson, having worked on such fine examples of the action genre as The Transporter, must surely be trying to oust Olyphant and get Statham into that finely pressed suit. If not? Why not?

The screenplay by Skip (Swordfish) Woods has been greenlit by Twentieth Century Fox and may be in cinemas as soon as next Autumn.

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