360 HD-DVD Drive Add-On Dated

And so to is the wireless racing wheel, full details inside

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Microsoft told SPOnG earlier today of its plans for a couple of new Ďmust-getí 360 add-ons due this Christmas: the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player add-on and the Wireless Racing Wheel.

SPOnG canít wait to get our paws on both to put them through their paces. For 360 gamers who also happen to be movie buffs and fans of Project Gotham Racing 3, both gizmos are going to be snap-uppable when they hit the stores in the UK on December 1st.

The HD-DVD player will set you back £129.99 and comes Ė unsurprisingly given the Micrsoft/Peter Jackson alliance - bundled with a copy of King Kong in glorious retina-burning high definition. If you havenít made the (costly) leap to being the proud owner of a high-def telly yet, then itís time to start planning to do so.

The official, force feedback-enabled wireless racing wheel will also come bundled with a special force-feedback version of Project Gotham Racing 3 and will set you back £89.99.

You may as well buy one now to get the full PGR3 experience, as well as in anticipation of Microsoft's mighty Forza Motorsport 2, due out early next year.

Looks like you might have to re-budget, deducting approximately £220 from what you were going to spend on friends, family and loved ones this Christmas. Surely itís more important that you sort yourself out with the future of home entertainment, before wasting your money on pointless jewellery, socks, slippers and other such frivolous presents for others?


SCiARA 13 Nov 2006 12:59
Also, the HD-DVD drive will work with component, is region free and will upscale SD DVD's through component.

And going by others 1st hand experience's it is as good as the dedicated Toshiba HD DVDs in picture quality, also, is more quiet to use than the 360 drive.

roll on the 1st
SCiARA 14 Nov 2006 09:40
Ok the upscale through component turns out to be false but the rest is still good!

Hereís a 1st hand review:

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